Welcome to Joy Engine, formerly Black Box Fund

Inspiring Joy and Wonder Through Public Art


A series of free, family-friendly events designed to be a celebration of community, creativity, and connection.

JOY ENGINE: Thinking Outside of the Box

We create inclusive public art experiences that reflect the diversity of Milwaukee and are welcoming, family-friendly, and free for all.

Bringing Public Art to Life in Milwaukee

JOY ENGINE is a nonprofit public art organization curating intentional, immersive art experiences to connect, uplift, and inspire the Milwaukee community. We partner with a diverse group of local and international artists to reimagine urban spaces through wondrous, larger-than-life installations — expanding perceptions of how citizens engage with art and advancing community viability and inclusion through creative expression.   

Joy Engine Presents: Nitelight

Light, art, dance, music, and fashion combined to create this visually-dazzling, free, family-friendly, immersive 3D experience.

Under One Moon

The moon is the first milestone on the road to stars.” In 2019, JOY ENGINE presented a 23-foot replica of the moon in Catalano Square Park, in the Historic Third Ward.

Past Experiences

JOY ENGINE strives to create meaningful human connection through the power and evolution of public art.

Why Public Art?

At JOY ENGINE, we believe public art is a reflection of our world. Public art contributes to the social vibrancy of our city and is a tool to nurture our neighbors and enhance a sense of community. And since public art is freely accessible, people from every corner and neighborhood can enjoy it and feel inspired.

70% of Americans believe that the “arts improve the image and identity of their community.”

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