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We invite the Milwaukee community to celebrate all forms of public art — from the ephemeral to enduring, to the quirky and surprising — and delight in the pleasures of artistic imagination.

Joy Engine Events

Our public art exhibits, programming, installations, and other projects are always welcoming, family-friendly, and free for everybody.

Current Event:

FALL 2023

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Nitelight: An Immersive, 3D Light Experience

Under One Moon

The moon is the first milestone on the road to stars.” In 2019, JOY ENGINE presented a 23-foot replica of the moon in Catalano Square Park, in the Historic Third Ward.

Jazz Rocks

Compose. Improvise. Perform. Joy Engine partnered with Arts@Large, a local organization committed to providing equitable access to educational experiences that include the arts, to bring to life Jazz Rocks – a live, educational performance series featuring original compositions and free-flowing jazz improvisation from MKE artists that was open to all.

Cracking Art

In Summer 2021, JOY ENGINE celebrated the return of gatherings with “Cracking Art” — a whimsical art installation on Milwaukee’s lakefront.

Nitelight: An Immersive, 3D Light Experience

Light, art, dance, music, fashion and food will combine to create a visually dazzling, free, family-friendly sensory experience.

Joy Engine Presents MKE River Round Up Concert Series

Float with us on the Milwaukee River while you enjoy spectacular tunes from an incredible lineup of performers.

1500 Bottles a Second

JOY ENGINE joined Historic Third Ward retailer, MOD GEN, to present a city tour of an eco-art sculpture #1500BottlesASecond

My Art Bag

During the pandemic, JOY ENGINE and Arts @ Large collaborated to create and distribute free project kits for children in Milwaukee.

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